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Custom Car Builder Ignition systems

Ignition systems Options
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MSD 7AL-3 plus IGNITION BOX $653.99
The MSD 7AL-3TM is based off the well proven MSD 7AL-2 Plus. It features a host of the most popular drag racing accessories. A built-in Three Step Rev Control provides three different rpm limits th...
MSD HVC 2 COIL $290.00
The Pro Power HVC II Coil is completely built in-house so our engineers have exclusive control over their performance and qual?ity. The Coil utilizes an iron U-Core design with a segmented bobbin f...
If you experience radio noise after installing the MSD Ignition, you may need to install an MSD Noise Filter. Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) is occasionally generated from the MSD power cables...
Coil wire for use with Blaster Coil and Socket style cap.
MSD Pro mag 44 points box $1037.00

MSD Pro mag 44 coil $844.00

Msd launch control module in dash $350.00

MSD 8 plus ignition box $1650.00

MSD Power Grid Controller $576.00

MSD Power Grid Ignition box $639.95

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