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Custom Car Builder Chassis Mounts and Body Options

Chassis Mounts and Body Options Options
Generic photos, product may be different.
UPHGRADE TO 2 pole charge lug kit to include charge lug and hardware $50.00

WHEELIE Bar tabs housing mt $100.00

water pump mount meziere 50 gpm forward engine bay mt $100.00

Additional door in side of body $200.00

ECU Control box mount $125.00

NOS bottle mt tabs $50.00

Slip joint front end upgrade $350.00

Shock Travel sensor mt $75.00

Upgrade to roller bearing anti roll in rocker arm $150.00

Quick Release nose piece $200.00

Bruno Transmission overflow tank with vent $150.00

Pro jack mounts $75.00

Long Rear suspension cover with rocker arm tunnel $50.00

Carbon fiber panel for mounting Air valves behind seat $125.00

Handbrake Provision $150.00
Handbrake provision in chassis, includes mounting stud and hardware for handle, gussetted master cylinder mount, gussetted brakeline slot in chassis and master cylinder push rod
Custom Handbrake Handle Kit $125.00
Custom handbrake handle kit to include Polished aluminum handbrake handle with polished grips, 3/8 left hand heavy duty heim joint, jam nuts and necessary hardware to install
Engine Limiter Kit $250.00
Engine limiter kit includes support plates, adjustable rods, heim joint, jam nuts and tabs welded to chassis
Roller Wheels $250.00
These roller wheels are your best friend when ground clearance is an issue loading your car in and out of your trailer. Wheels ride on surface before chassis and body to eliminate unnecassary dama...
Anti Rotation $90.00
Rear End Anti Rotation mounts (SLIPJOINT)
Seat Belt Hooks $40.00
These upper seat belt hooks are to hang your shoulder belts to keep them from falling down into your seat.
Adjustable Headrest mount $30.00
These mounts are necessary when using the bolt in adjustable Miller Race Cars headrest.
Race Pak Exhaust Probe $95.00
Race Pak Exhaust Probe Junction Box mount includes 2 mounts
Interior Pull Handles $250.00
Tubular pull handles to help exiting the car
Additional Trans Ring with Handle $115.00
Additional Trans Ring with Handle. A good idea for your spare Transmission. Saves time changing out parts when switching transmissions.
Chrome not included.
Race Pak V-300 or Sportsman logger mt $150.00
Race Pak V-300 or V-500 custom chassis mounts
MSD Billet Coil mount $75.00
Custom CNC'D Billet Aluminum MSD Pro Coil mount. This mount bolts directly to prexisting mounting holes in midplate.
MSD HVC2 mount $85.00
Custom CNC'D Billet Aluminum MSD HVC2 Coil mount. This mount bolts directly to prexisting mounting holes in midplate.
Breather Tank Bracket $55.00
Custom CNC'D Billet Aluminum Breather Tank/Trans Overflow Bracket. This mount bolts directly to preexisting holes in midplate.
Wheelie Bar mounts $75.00
Wheelie Bar mounts (2)
Interior Fuel Shut-off $75.00
Interior Fuel Shut-off mount including all mounting provisions, slots and all weld-on slot covers necessary to install Fuel Shut-off.
Interior On/Off $75.00
Interior On/Off mount including all mounting provisions, slots and weld-on slot covers in chassis necessary to install Interior On/Off.
Bump Button mount-Single $35.00
Remote start button mount, mounted in blowshield button included
Dual Rear Bump Button mounts $100.00
Dual Rear Bump Button mounts on Chassis, one mount per side just behind midplate including 2 buttons. These remote start buttons are extremely useful when adjusting valves or removing converter bo...
Lighted Fuel Cell kit $250.00
Lighted Fuel Cell kit to include, Sight Glass for Light, Sight Glass for Fuel Level Light Tab on Chassis and Light
Driveshaft Pick-up mount $75.00
Driveshaft Pick-up mount used for driveshaft pick-up sensor with Race Pak
LED Tail Light mount $60.00
3" LED Tail Light mount over Chute NHRA/IHRA legal
Spindle Tow Caps with Hooks $40.00
CNC Billet Aluminum Spindle Tow Caps with built in tow hooks
Weight Bar $150.00
Front Weight Bar with Filler Bung (Lead not included)
Spindle Tow Hook with Pin $90.00
This feature includes provision in bi-pod for drop pin, pin and tow strap attachment ring
Dragster Lift mount $85.00
This mount bolts onto weight bar tabs in front of chassis or on top of weight bar in front of chassis so you may hoist car up in trailer to support for towing.
Fuel Pump mount $75.00
This weld in mount is available for most popular fuel pumps
Lean Out Valve mount $25.00
Lean Out Valve mount-Drivers Compartment
Fuel Shut-off Lever and mount $55.00
Fuel Shut-off Lever and Cable mount
2nd Auxillary Tank $250.00
This auxillary fuel tank works great for nitrous oxide applications or when a second tank is needed for a primer system. Tank has all necessary fittings, internal venting and large fill cap.
Aluminum Front Fuel Cell and mount $400.00
Front mount Fuel Cell with mount. This front mount cell is intended for use in our Top Dragster style chassis to transfer weight to the front of the car.
Adjustable Cannard Wing mounts $200.00
This type of cannard mount allows you to set the front pitch and lock into place.
Conventional Wing mounts $80.00
Standard Wing mounts
Cannard Wing mounts $75.00
Front Cannard Wing mounts
Carbon Mono Strutt Wing mounts $100.00
Carbon Mono Strutt wing mounts
Adjustable Front Cannards $325.00
Adjustable Front Cannard Wing mounts and Hardware kit
Trans Breather Tank mount $55.00
Transmission Breather Tank mount
Trans EC Cannister mount $75.00
Transmission EC Cannister mount
Dzus in Breather Can $500.00
This breather can is used for crank case ventilation for applications where a super charger is utilized
Nitrous Bottle Rack rear mount $350.00
This Nitrous Bottle Rack mount bolts to rear of chassis behind motor.
Forward mount removeable NItrous Bottle Rack $250.00
This rack is bolt in so as it can be removed when it is not necessary for a specific class, mounts between blowshield and in front of motor.
Remote CO2 Solenoid mount $55.00
Remote CO2 On/Off Solenoid mount
Accusump mount $90.00
Accusump Oil Reserve Tank mount
Recirculation Can mount $50.00
Recirculation Can mounts
In Nose Battery mount $150.00
This In Nose Battery mount is used to relocate battery and battery weight to the furthest forward point of chassis(note can only be used with small sized batteries.
2nd Battery Charging Lug mount $80.00
2nd Battery Charging Lug mount (for both sides of car)
CSR 24-volt Starter Box Mount $110.00
CSR 24-volt Starter Box mount and Cable Slot Covers
Dual Parachute Levers & cable mt tabs $75.00
Dual Parachute Levers and Cable mount tabs
Dual Parachute mount weld on $225.00
Dual Parachute mount welded on to chassis
Dual Removeable Parachute mounts $250.00
Dual Parachute mount-REMOVEABLE
Access door in side of body $200.00
Easy access to ignition tray area through side of body for programing ignition boxes and also usefull to access fuses without removal of body panels.
Big Block Chrysler motorplates $200.00
Upcharge from Chevrolet to Chrysler Big block Mopar front and rear plates
Dual Total power 1220 Batteries $450.00

Magna fuel regulator mt. $55.00

Additional dual chute mount $350.00

Belly pan tabs $75.00

Super Duty Midplate Supports $100.00
Extra reinforcement on upper midplate saddles recommended in high horse applications
Small block Chrysler Motorplates $200.00
Upcharge from Chevrolet to Chrysler Small block Mopar front and mid motorplates
Small Block Ford motorplates $200.00
Upcharge from Chevrolet to Small Block Ford front and mid motorplates
Big Block Ford motorplates $200.00
Upcharge from Chevrolet to Big Block Ford front and mid motorplates
Removable Trans Cooler Mt. $175.00
Comes with mt. ,Bracket , and Quick release pins.

Cooler ,Fan ,and shroud sold separately
Trans Cooler Fan And Shroud $225.00

Large naca duck package $250.00

Small naca duck package $200.00

Spare Dragster Front Motorplate $225.00

Spare Engine Saddles $90.00
Sold in sets of 2
Spare Fuel Cap $30.00

Spare nose piece trimed to fit $275.00

Dual led interior light mounts $50.00

Spare Mid Motorplate $275.00

Manual slide step $225.00

System one oil filter mt $90.00

ISP padding tabs $75.00

Headlight tabs $40.00

1" x .058 Bullet safety nose in front of footbox $250.00

Umbrella holder behind seat $100.00

T-bolt engine saddle clamps $45.00
Sold in pairs of 2
Led fuel cell kneck light mount $20.00

Upgrade to 3/8 Midplate and motorplate $175.00

Air armed compressor mt. w/air fitting mt. in front and rear for tires $100.00

Ignition tray light mt $20.00

Converter Bolt light mt $20.00

Upgrade to Complete one piece Carbon fiber body shell $3250.00

Upgrade to carbon fiber engine bay panels $450.00

Upgrade to carbon fiber trans panels $275.00

Upgrade to carbon fiber nose piece $225.00

Spindle Tow hooks $75.00

Upgrade to Strange sharp steer rack $100.00

Upgrade to fiberglass One piece Body $2000.00

Small Block Chevy Motorplate $125.00

Golf cart push bar $200.00

Wiring tie rods $250.00
Eliminates big wire ties around frame rails and uprights in most areas.
Billet aluminum v-net clamp set $100.00

Fuel regulator mount $100.00

Upgrade to dual charge lug mts $55.00

Jones trans cooler pump and junction block mt $75.00

Miller Race Cars front suspension $2900.00
Strange light weight adjustable strutt package
Lightweight lower controll arms and mounts
Eliptical aero tubing upper strutt mounts
Custom apexed steering for battery room up front $750.00

Dual Charge post mts $40.00

Push Bar Mounts $100.00

Custom interior panels with cell phone holder $500.00

Stripe taker built into nose $150.00

Induction solutions remote nos valve , cable and mount $300.00

Custom Train Horn kit $200.00

drysump tank chassis mount forward of engine $300.00

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