Thursday, December 02, 2021

Custom Car Builder Electrical

Electrical Options
Generic photos, product may be different.
LED interior lights dual $55.00

LED ignition tray light $40.00

Headlights with billet aluminum brackets $125.00
  • Mounted on spindle to turn with wheels
LED tail light $40.00
NHRA and IHRA legal ,
Trans brake button with chord $57.00

Burn out button with chord $57.00

Bump down button with chord $57.00

Bump up button with chord $57.00

nitrous overide button with chord $57.00

Direct trans brake button with chord $57.00
  • mounts in dash and hooks directly to transbrake to avoid cycling the delay box
Nitrous arming switch $25.00

Nitrous purge button $20.00

Two way toggle switch for shifter time or rpm $25.00

Two way toggle switch for t-stop or nitrous $25.00

Optima red top gell cell battery $215.00

Optima yellow top gell cell deep cycle battery $210.00

XS Power 16 volt gell cell battery $339.99

Single battery cable kit $125.00

Dual battery cable kit $150.00

Female battery charging lugs kit $45.00

Male Battery Charging lugs kit $45.00

East coast super mini alternator kit $350.00

K&R Wiring kit $185.00

Biondo double 0 button with chord $65.00

CSR Smart Start 24 volt box $695.00

Second Lithium ion battery $1250.00

LED Motor Light $40.00

Converter Bolt LED Light $40.00

Altronics 16 volt battery $1550.00

Dual Total Power 1200 Batteries $450.00

Second set of dual interior lights $40.00

Dual rock 16v Batteries $560.00

16v Rock Battery $300.00

Dual Charge lugs $45.00

Upgrade to Dual Charge lugs $45.00

Dedenbear TS-5 throttle stop with primary kit $550.00

Biondo Inline Throttle stop $229.00

16 Volt Battery Charger $240.00

Meziere Starter $525.00

16v Go Lithium ultra light weight batteries with charger $1750.00

16v Lithiumion battery charger $299.00

Fuel cell neck Light $40.00

Brake light kit $40.00

Alternator brkt kit $200.00

Miller race cars Headlight kit $50.00
Bolt on headlights to see in dark pit areas
Single heavy duty remote start button $20.00

Single heavy duty remote start button $20.00

Dual Heavy duty remote start bottons $40.00

2nd Optima red top gell cell battery for dual batterys $215.00

Ford Starter solinoid $35.00

16 volt East coast electric alternator kit $400.00

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